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Q: What kind of insurance does Bryan’s Machinery Moving carry?

A: Bryan’s Machinery Moving carries $2,000,000 General Liability Insurance, as well as Cargo coverage, For-Hire coverage, and numerous other policies to assure that your equipment is covered throughout the entirety of your project.

Q: How do I know if my machine will be classified as a “permit” load? If I do need permits, how do I get them and how much do they cost?

A: Any machine that is over 102″ wide while on a truck or over 14′ tall is a permit load. Any machine that is over 45,000lbs is also a permit load. Bryan’s Machinery Moving carries annual permits for up to 12′ wide, as well as annual “heavy” permits for each truck with up to 70,000lbs machine weight. Anything exceeding those numbers, we will pull permits for you and the fees for said permits will be presented in your quote for your approval.

Q: Does a Bryan’s Machinery Moving “estimator” need to see my machines in order to get a quote?

A: Bryan’s Machinery Moving has moved such a vast assortment of machines, it allows us to quote over the phone 75% of the time. Usually, a 10 minute phone call with a small series of questions and we can give a “not to exceed” price for your move. However, for the larger, more involved and more intricate moves, we do have a Full Time Estimator on our team that will come to your facility and evaluate your upcoming project.

Q: How accurate will the quote for my project be?

A: Your quote will be extremely accurate, as long as we have all of the information we need. If there is a critical piece of information that you do not share with us or did not know, the price is subject to change. However, in that event, one of our team members will alert you of how the specific circumstances alter the plan we had for your project and you will be given a revised quote.

Q: There has been a change in our project plans; what should we do about this?

A: Bryan's Machinery Moving is equipped to handle just about anything you throw our way, especially if it is something we are prepared for in advance. If you know that something about your project has changed, be that the time frame, machines being moved, or anything else, just let us know as soon as you can and we will help you through it. There's a solution to every problem!

Q: Can I be moved in phases to eliminate as much down time as possible?

A: Yes. 70% of shop moves are done in “phases” for just that reason. We will custom tailor your move so that it works for you. We understand how detrimental downtime can be, and our goal is to help improve the circumstances of your move, not put your business in jeopardy.

Q: I need a place to keep my machine(s), do you know any safe and reputable storage facilities?

A: Bryan's Machinery Moving offers internal and external high security storage at our own facility that is fully equipped with an alarm system and 4K video cameras that we can remotely check from any location at any time. We will gladly store your machine(s) for as long as you need and then set them back up at your new location when you are ready for them.

Q: We are moving our facility out of state, will Bryan's Machinery Moving take our equipment anywhere?

A: Bryan's Machinery Moving is mainly a California based operation. While we do sometimes travel to nearby states, our focus remains in California. That being said, if you have machines you want to move across the country, just give us a call and we can discuss the details.

Q: The last time we had a machine moved, it left a big mess everywhere that we had to clean up. Is this "normal procedure" in the Machinery Moving Industry that we should prepare to have happen again?

A: No, that is not standard procedure at Bryan's Machinery Moving. While some companies will take out your old machines and leave you a big mess to clean up, we always try to take as much hassle out of this experience as possible for you. When we are done moving a machine, we have a team member cleaning up the mess immediately.

Q: What payment methods does Bryan's Machinery Moving accept and when should I pay?

A: We accept most forms of payment, including cash, checks, wire transfers, debit cards, and credit cards. The "when" is going to be based on your individual project, but in general, we usually accept payment at the end of the project. However, there are going to be exceptions to this, of course, and we are willing to work with you to make sure that the time frame of the payment works for you. We also offer net terms for projects or companies that may require this type of payment plan.

Q: How do we prepare to move and when should we get Bryan's Machinery Moving involved in our project?

A: From the beginning! The only thing you need to do is know what you want to accomplish and then call us and give us a clear understanding of your specific situation and needs. If more clarification is needed, we will be happy to have a member of our team come down to your facility to do a walk through with you. The sooner you call us, the better. We’ve done enough shop moves to be able to share with you what does and does not work. We can help you with the planning, coordination, and can even create a shop lay out that will increase your productivity. Call us today!

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