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Wide Assortment of Specialty Forklifts From 3,000-106,000LB Capacities, including, but not limited to:

  • R90 Big Foot Rigger Lift
  • 2017 Hoist FR-Series 70-100 w/ Hydro Boom & Remote Control
  • 2016 Hoist FR-Series 40-60 w/ Hydro Boom & Remote Control
  • 2015 Hoist FR-Series 25-35 w/ Hydro Boom & Remote Control
  • All New 2018 Hyster 12,000lb Boxcar Forklift with Custom Tight Quarter Specs
  • 2017 Hyster H80 Boxcar Special
  • 2017 Hyster H50T Solid Pneumatic
  • 2017 Hyster H30 Forklift w/ Custom Tight Quarters Spec
  • 2017 Hyster Ascender Man Lift
  • Apache 80,000LB Rigger Lift
  • 2 Genesis Series Clark 15,500LB Capacity forklifts

Trucks & Trailers

  • All New SCR Technology Carb Compliant Semi Trucks
  • TWO All New Fully Customized Trail King Trailers with Specialty Machinery Moving Specs
  • All New XL Specialized Hydro Neck Double Drop Trailer w/ 12″ Deck Height
  • All New All Aluminum Fontaine Revolution Trailer to dramatically increase payload capacity

All equipment is Air Ride and well maintained.

  • All New Kenworth T370 Flatbed Truck
  • All New Trail King Tilt Utility Trailer Perfect for Small Jobs or Transporting Rigging Gear for Big Projects
  • All New “Mini Rig” Perfect for tight spaces, residential, & off pavement deliveries
  • All New Ford "Rigging Truck" Perfect for Millwright or Core Drilling Projects
  • All New MPG Travel Trailer for our Crew to Camp in on Big Out of Town Projects
  • All New Ford Cargo/Personnel Transport Van

Aerial Platforms & Specialty Rigging Equipment

  • Genie Z-33/18 Knuckleboom Man Lift
  • Hyster Ascender AP20Z Aerial Work Platform
  • Crane Attachments
  • Boom Attachments
  • Spreader Bars
  • Gantries
  • Wide Selection of Hydro Jacks
  • Dollies, Both Steel and Neoprene Wheels
  • Complete In-House Automated Core Drilling Systems
  • In-House Laser Systems for Machine Tool Leveling and Floor Plan Layout
  • Specialty and MillWright Job Boxes
  • Vast Array of Custom Equipment to Ensure a Proper Move

Coming Soon!!!

ALL NEW Kenworth W990 Heavy Haul Truck!

ALL NEW Trail King Heavy Haul Trailer Specifically Designed to Haul Our Hoist 70-100 WITH ALL the Counterweights In It!

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